Kidnapping Freddy Heineken

Kidnapping Freddy Heineken is often referred to as ‘the almost perfect crime’. On this website you will read all about the four men behind the kidnapping, the planning, execution and aftermath.

It all starts on a rainy afternoon on Wednesday in November, 1983. Beer tycoon Alfred (Freddy) Heineken leaves his office building with two female assistants. At about 40 feet away, his driver Ab Doderer awaits him in an armored Cadillac Fleetwood.


When Heineken walks towards the car, he is overpowered by four armed men. The women try to intervene, but are held off with pepper spray. Ab Doderer leaves his car to help his boss, but he doesn’t stand a chance. Both Heineken and Doderer are thrown in the back of a van by four kidnappers. The orange van leaves with the back doors still open.


The planning, execution and aftermath read like a crime novel and that’s exactly the reason that many books and even several movies have been made about kidnapping Freddy Heineken.

In 2015 a film was released named “Kidnapping Mr. Heineken”. The film was directed by Daniel Alfredson and Freddy Heineken was played by Anthony Hopkins.

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