The ransom of the Heineken kidnapping

When the kidnappers were on the run, they took 15 million dutch guilders from the barrels they had buried in the forest close to Zeist. Three million each. About a week later, the police found the buried barrels and the rest of the 35 million guilders. During the hunt for the kidnappers, the house searches and arrests the police confiscated 7 million guilders. Eight million has never been found.

The kidnappers told the police that Frans Meijer had burned the money at the beach. However, there have been reports of Thomas van der Bijl (Who was murdered in 2006) that 7 million was buried in a forest in Paris. According to Van der Bijl these millions were used to purchase apartment buildings in Zaandam and brothels in Alkmaar. Though what really happened with the money remains a mystery.


The Heineken kidnapping is said to be the kidnapping with the highest ransom ever paid for a single person.